Phiston Technologies’ New MediaVise® High Thru-Put

  • Phiston Technologies’ new MediaVise® High Thru-Put Solid State Drive Destroyer will provide faster and quieter destruction of sensitive Solid State Drives.
  • This new device can destroy large volumes of sensitive Solid State Drives, including CDs, USBs, CPI cards, Memory Modules, credit cards, and cell phones on-site.
  • This new technology is user-friendly, operational hands-free, and can store up to 300 pounds of weight. 

Miami, Florida – Phiston Technologies on December 20th, 2018 announced the release of its new MediaVise® High Thru-Put Solid State Drive Destroyer. This product will provide quieter and faster Solid State Drive destroying technology for a diverse collection of industries, including Fortune 500 companies, the military, aerospace, and financial institutions.

This newest edition of Phiston Technologies’ innovative sensitive data destruction devices can accept and destroy Solid State Drives without needing to physically remove plastic and aluminum covers. It is also capable of detecting jams and unjam itself utilizing a reversal function. This makes it safe for the workplace and user-friendly.

Using two counter-rotating cylindrical arrays of interlocking, hardened steel teeth, it can crush and destroy more than 1,200 Solid State Drives per hour. That is one Solid State Drive every 3 seconds. Using a 2 mm interval puncture pattern on both sides, it renders the Solid State Drives inoperable and unusable. This ensures maximum destruction and security.

But it does not sacrifice quietness for speed. The device’s noise levels are significantly less than 60db. That is well below the Occupational Safety and Health Administration threshold considered acceptable for the workplace: 85db.

Rather than trusting an outside company to handle sensitive data and equipment, Phiston Technologies’ MediaVise® High Thru-Put will ensure the power stays firmly in the hands of its elite clientele.

Phiston Technologies is a small business that is leading the charge in the realms of scientific research and manufacturing of high-security data storage media destruction. Founded in 2009, its products, such as the MediaVise®, the MediaVise® Compact, and the MediaDice®, have been specially engineered to prevent data breaches in a world that is reliant on information technology. Phiston’s products offer secure, on-site destruction of sensitive data materials for an elite and prestigious clientele around the world. Today, it is still an industry leader that engineers faster and more efficient ways to destroy Solid State Drives that contain sensitive data. For more information, please visit or follow @PhistonOfficial today.

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