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A hard disk (HDD) is a non-removable disk that stores a large amount of sensitive information by storing software and data files on your PC. A HDD essentially holds your personal and business files. A hard disk is also known as an electro-mechanical data storage device with magnetic storage with retrieval capabilities. However, if you simply throw your computer out or attempt to recycle it, your stored information is very valuable to hackers interested in retrieving your personal data files. Phiston Technologies discusses why it’s important to properly dispose of your hard disk. 

Why Properly Crushing Your Hard Disk Is Important 

Properly disposing of your personal or business computer hard disk prevents data thieves from recovering your files. Crushing your HDD will make it completely unrecoverable. Securely destroying your business files is a regulatory mandate and also helps businesses avoid the liability of exposing sensitive data to the public or unauthorized users. Degaussing your hard disk prevents the disclosure of sensitive information stored on your PC that includes: 

  • emails 
  • social security numbers 
  • bank account information
  • credit cards 
  • personal information 

Crushing your hard disk ensures the personal data stored on your PC will never come back to haunt you. In fact, you may be under the perception that an inaccessible or broken PC can just be tossed out, but hackers can still find a way to recover your data if it’s not disposed of in a proper manner. 

Phiston Technologies Works Hard To Permanently Destroy Your Data

Phiston Technologies specializes in the safe destruction of your data files. With years of experience in crushing hard disk technology, our team of IT professionals make retrieving your files impossible. We proudly engage with your business to determine which data destruction method will best serve your needs. We’ll work until your media is crushed, mangled, and unreadable. With registered services in Florida, we entertain a worldwide audience as an independent minority operated and owned business. You’re encouraged to contact us about your media destruction needs of any size. Phiston Technologies is dedicated to integrity and transparency to protect your business and personal data security. 

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