Are People Really Using Hard Drive Erasers? The Leftover Data Study

Blancco Technology Group conducted a recent study. They examined 200 used hard disk drives, (HDDs) and solid state drives, (SDDs) that they purchased off of eBay and Craigslist between January and June of 2016. Blancco bought the computers randomly using no specific pattern of choice. They simply chose working machines.

The results were pretty scary.

Of the 200 computers, 11% had residual corporate data that new users could easily access. In fact, experts believe that most companies and consumers don’t use an adequate data removal tool before selling used machines. Not only does this leave sensitive data up for grabs; it puts both corporations and consumers at risk.

What Kind of Data Did They Find?

  • Emails topped the list at 9%
  • Spreadsheets came in second place at 5%
  • Customer data made the list at 3%, and
  • CRM records also made the list a 1%

However, for any savvy consumer 3% and even 1% still equal too much compromised personal information, when you consider the type of information that falls under the category of ”customer data” and “CRM records.”

In addition, the study indicated that some people simply got lucky. Of the 200 used SS and HD drives, the examiners realized that the previous owners had only used a secure hard drive eraser on a mere 10% of the devices.

Strange but True

If that wasn’t bad enough, most CIO’s and IT execs focus their attention and resources on preventing extortion hacks, backdoor attacks, malware issues and malicious insider intrusions. However, they pay very little attention to properly erasing sensitive data from devices when they’re finished using them.

With all we know about technology, this has to seem odd to even many children with a simple understanding of computers. However, it makes sense when you realize the CIO and IT expert is working to meet the immediate needs of the employer or hiring agent. Their main concerns are with the devices you’re actually using. They pay very little attention to the devices you are throwing away.

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