Hard Drive Crushers: Do Not Allow Your Data To Be Recovered

When there are conversations about data security and the destruction of hard drives, there are always various questions and misinformation floating around. The incorrect information and the unanswered questions can lead to sensitive data being exposed. Even after many businesses and organizations make several attempts to wipe their hard drives and other equipment clean, data can still be easily recovered.

People who purchase used hard drives and other computer-related equipment online will discover that those hard drives still hold a considerable amount of sensitive information, including data that can be used to personally identify the previous owner. There are also hard drives that will hold a considerable amount of company data, including employee information, emails, and financial data.

When one wants to protect personal data or business-related data, there needs to be a greater understanding of the information surrounding data destruction and hard drive crushers. Many people believe that formatting a hard drive will result in the destruction of data. Unfortunately, many people are familiar with how to retrieve data from a hard drive that has been reformatted.

The right tools and the right software can result in confidential data being placed in the wrong hands. One does not have to be a computer expert or a hacker in order to retrieve data from a hard drive that has been formatted, especially if that person is familiar with how to use data recovery software. 

Often times, people think that using the delete key on a computer will completely erase everything for good. However, this is not the case. Erasing data from your hard drive does not mean that no one will have access to those files again. Deleting the files from the hard drive will only get rid of one of the main access points to the file; there will always be other ways to access the files from another access point.

When you want to completely get rid of your sensitive data and your hard drives, the best way to achieve this is to physically destroy the drive. You do not want your data to be recovered by anyone, and using hard drive equipment will ensure that your data cannot be recovered. Your hard drives will be shredded and it will go through a finalizing process that ensures your business will be protected moving forward.

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Why a Eraser Software Isn’t Enough for Data Security

Data breaches cause businesses, on average, $3.92 million per data breach. Company reputations can be destroyed, and consumer privacy can be violated. A major mistake that businesses, especially smaller businesses on a tight budget, make is relying on a hard disk eraser to delete data off of a hard drive. 

What is a Hard Disk Eraser? 

An “eraser” is a type of software that will clean or remove data from a hard drive. KillDisk is a common option. The software will attempt to destroy data on a hard disk by writing over the disk multiple times. 

When data is deleted, or a disk is formatted, it’s still possible to recover deleted files. 

Data remains until it is overwritten, so discarding of a formatted hard drive leaves businesses at significant risk. 

KillDisk, and similar software, will overwrite data multiple times so that data becomes irretrievable. While effective for home use, this type of software is not suited for businesses where employee error can occur. 

Scaling Data Destruction 

Offices with hundreds or even dozens of computers need to be able to destroy hard drives in a way that scales. Relying on employees to run eraser software is a liability waiting to happen. 

If an employee is supposed to destroy files on a Friday before clocking out, it’s possible that they’ll “skip” erasing the hard drive and discard it. 

It only takes one hard drive to cause billions in liability risks. 

The ideal form of data destruction involves crushing or destroying the hard drive. 

Through hard drive destruction, we’re able to rapidly destroy hard drives at-scale. There are no lazy oversights or time wasted trying to erase hard disks. Companies can go a step further by using tags to identify drives that need to be destroyed and incorporating internal policies for data destruction. 

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Hard Drive Destruction: Removing Your Data The Right Way

How many hard drives do you currently have in your possession that you are no longer using? What do you plan to do with those old hard drives? If you have plans to make improvements to your IT and finally get rid of those hard drives you no longer need, it is important that you take the right steps in order to avoid any security problems such as data breaches. 

We know how easy it can be to trash the hard drives or damage them yourself, but taking this route can mean you will put the secure data on your hard drive at risk. Although you may think you have destroyed your hard drive and prevented it from being accessed by someone, there is still a risk that the data can be obtained and used with intent to do harm.

For those who consider themselves to be smart criminals, it is very easy for them to obtain data from a destroyed hard drive or one that you thought you erased. Even if you go through the steps of wiping the hard drive of the data that was on there, this does not mean that the data cannot be recovered by someone. When you use hard drive destruction equipment, your hard drives will be completely destroyed and the data on the hard drive will not be recovered by anyone. 

One of the essential things about using data destruction equipment is its ability to completely destroy your hard drive and preventing data breaches and other security issues. Data destruction equipment can ensure your business or organization meets all regulations and compliance standards in regard to the destruction of hard drives and other storage devices. When you dispose of your hard drives the proper way, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you have not violated any regulations.

When you use data destruction equipment, you will not have to worry about when or if the data on your hard drive will land in the wrong person’s hands. Your hard drive and the data on the hard drive will be completely destroyed. It does not matter why you are choosing to get rid of your hard drives; what matters is how you plan to get rid of them. Contact us today for information on our hard drive destruction equipment.

The Importance of Proper Hard Drive Destruction

Information security is one of the most important and challenging aspects of modern business. An often overlooked aspect of information security is the disposal of digital media in a proper manner. Old hard drives will retain the information, and throwing a computer in the garbage will not make data disappear. Despite numerous advancements in the field of information security, from firewalls, data encryption, or even private networks, digital information is never one-hundred percent safe. Mismanagement of information, malicious hacking attempts, or even disgruntled employees can cause a data breach, which can lead to extraordinary costs.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

There is only one surefire way to ensure that the data is erased for good, and that is the physical destruction of information storage devices known as hard drives, also known as HDDs. Physically crushing an HDD makes anything stored on it completely unreadable, and no amount of effort can salvage media of any kind once that happens.

Destroying the small metal box inside of a computer might seem like a simple enough task, and anyone with a hammer might attempt to smash it a few times and assume they’ve done the job. This method is ineffective, often leaving information behind that can be found and read. Safety is another concern, as small bits of the internal components can go flying and cause injuries.

Effective Destruction is Key

Phiston Technologies is a leading research, development, engineering and manufacturing company that has designed several machines to ensure the destruction of your digital media. Hard drive crushers such as the MediaVise® HDD Destroyer can deliver 40,000 pounds of destructive force to an HDD, crushing it and rendering it unreadable. The process is safe and completely hands-free. The MediaVise® SSD Destroyer is designed to demolish solid-state drives, known as SSDs. It uses interlocking metal teeth to crush, puncture, and mangle the ceramic storage chips, making the SSD completely unreadable.

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Don’t Risk a Costly Data Breach—Destroy Old Digital Media

Does Your Company Have a Plan to Properly Dispose of Digital Media?

Has your company instituted a plan on how to properly dispose of old digital media and devices, such as hard drives, solid state drives, magnetic tapes, optical discs, USB flash drives, floppy disks, and cell phones? If not, your company’s reputation and sensitive data are at risk.

Are You Storing Piles of Old Digital Media Around Your Building?

You may have piles of old hard drives lying around in a closet somewhere or containers full of optical media and USB flash drives left behind by former employees. By not properly disposing of these kinds of digital media, your company may experience an embarrassing and costly data breach in the near future. Protect your company’s reputation by investing in the right tools to properly dispose of old media that has accumulated over the years.

Protect Your Company’s Data Using Products from Phiston Technologies

Phiston Technologies is proud to offer a variety of products that will allow you to safely and securely destroy old digital media in-house. Our products pulverize old media, making it nearly impossible to recover data from them. Phiston Technologies offers many devices that are tailored to destroy specific types of media, such as the MediaDice® Optical Media Destroyer, the MediaVise® HDD Destroyer, and the MediaVise® SSD Destroyer. All our products are built to meet industry standards and ensure the safety of those using them during media destruction and disposal (https://www.phiston.com/aboutus).

Don’t Risk a Costly Data Breach

Protecting your company’s sensitive e-mails, documents, and customer’s personal information should be a top priority. Just one data breach could significantly damage your company’s reputation. Don’t allow your customers and business associates to lose confidence in you. Invest in the proper tools necessary to perform secure media destruction on-site and ensure that your company’s data remains confidential. Contact us today to find out which of our products are best suited for your media destruction needs.