Next Level Data Crushers: The Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Destroyer

How secure is the data in your system?  Do you have a lockbox for electronic media that gets hauled away on a truck once a month?  Once a week?  A simple padlock on a plastic barrel is all that is protecting your data from falling into the wrong hands.  Wouldn’t it make you feel safer if you knew when your media and devices were being disabled and destroyed? Maybe in a room down the hall.  Or what if you could destroy your own digital media and devices in an incorporated bay in your own server rack?

Just a few steps to safe, simple, and reliable operation of the MediaVise allow you to crush, pierce, and mangle anything from cell phones to circuit boards.

1. Insert the device.

2. Push the Crush button.

3. Go get a coffee.

4. Check your social media while drinking your coffee.

5.  Or just do steps one and two because that media is already destroyed.

Patented crushing plates puncture and separate the physical media and devices with the aid of high pressure pyramidal teeth.  Even emergency use of HDD destruction!  The pieces are ejected into an attached, enclosed bin for later disposal.  It’s no mess, no fuss, and best of all no exposure to harmful dust or heavy metals.

No other on-site, rack-mounted device of its kind is available right now. Which means no other device will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your sensitive data, devices, and digital media is completely destroyed with the touch of a button.  Your touch of a button.  What could be better?  Contact us today to find out what media destruction device will suit your needs.


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