Why Would I Need A Hard Drive Crusher?

Ensuring that confidential information remains confidential is the primary objective of data destruction. But while simply erasing a hard drive containing data that needs to be recycled can be effective on small-scale projects, when you are facing hundreds or even thousands of hard drives that need to be destroyed or you face a limited time frame for disk destruction due to employee turnover or a security breach, a hard drive eraser just won’t cut it.

Furthermore, a degausser is not always effective due to modern-day disk shielding so there are many situations when a hard drive crusher is needed. However the main purpose of this article is not what a degausser cannot do, it is to discuss the benefits of hard drive destruction via a hard drive crusher. As previously alluded to, a hard drive crusher is a very quick and effective method for destroying a large number of hard drives which is a common dilemma for large businesses and government agencies. Secondly, a hard drive crusher ensures that the data of the hard drive is completely unrecoverable, as it physically destroys the platters which contain all of the sensitive data as opposed to just deleting the data. A hard drive crusher is essential when time is scarce due to a looming security threat. Finally, reformatting of a single hard drive can take over an hour just to eliminate the data from one hard drive whereas with a hard drive crusher, you can eliminate hundreds of drives in that same hour.

If you want more information about hard drive crushers or want to inquire about getting one for your business contact us.

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