Do You Need a Hard Disk Eraser For Your Home?

As a frequent reader of our website and blog, you may be familiar with our products that help businesses reliably destroy data on hard drives and Blu Rays. But what you may not know is the answer to a simple question: do you need a hard disk eraser for your home? The answer, as you might expect, is ‘it depends.’ This checklist can help you determine whether this device can help you personally.

[] Do you keep business data on your personal computer?

If you work from home, or sometimes bring data files home for work, a hard disk eraser may be necessary. As soon as you take on the responsibility of your employer’s sensitive data, you need to protect it as well as possible.

[] How sensitive do you consider your personal data to be?

Similarly, sensitive personal data on your computer may necessitate a hard disk destroyer. If you store credit card or mortgage information, for example, you need to have a way to make it disappear forever when the computer is no longer in use.

[] Who has access to your computer?

The more people have access, the more important reliable destruction of data becomes.

[] What happens to your old computer when you get a new one?

When the computer leaves your home to be replaced, what happens to it? If there is a chance that it lands in someone else’s hands, you may want to make sure that your data is secure by destroying your hard drive first.

While a hard drive eraser like the one we offer is undoubtedly designed for business data, it can also be beneficial for personal use. Contact us to learn more about the product and how it can help you keep your personal data safe.

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