The Necessity of a Hard Drive Crusher

If you own a company that deals with sensitive information it is crucial that any storage device that becomes damaged or outdated be properly destroyed. Whether it is client data or even more sensitive data related to security clearance, just tossing your storage media into the garbage is not enough. While most businesses and government agencies remember to destroy smaller media like DVDs, USBs, and SSDs, larger storage devices like hard drives are often overlooked.

A computer and/or its hard drive that is simply thrown in the garbage is vulnerable. A resourceful data thief can reconstruct information even from damaged devices. It is important that your hard drives be completely destroyed. If they are not obliterated on a level with NSA specifications the information contained on the them can be read, and subsequently stolen, by individuals that specialize in data reconstruction.

At Phiston Technologies we have the solution to this dilemma. The Phiston MediaVise HDD Destroyer (MV-HDD) is a commercial-capacity computer hard disk drive destroyer. The plates on this crusher can deliver over 40,000 pounds of crushing force. That is 20 tons! In less than 60 seconds the platters, read heads, and the drive itself, are not only crushed, but mangled and rendered unreadable.

This machine is fully automated making user safety a non-issue. All remaining debris accumulates in a collection bin, where it can be safely disposed of when it is convenient. While it has a commercial capacity, it still is portable if the circumstances require mobility. It even has RFI and EMI suppression technology so no electronic equipment in its vicinity will be affected when it is in use. If you have smaller media that needs to be destroyed, the MV-HDD can be used on SSDs, USB/flash drives, PDAs, cell/smart phones and even circuit boards as well.

This crusher not only meets, but exceeds, NSA specifications for data destruction. It is also approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for Secure Destruction of HDDs

So, contact us today. Let us make sure your sensitive information is destroyed utterly and completely. If it doesn’t exist, it cannot fall into the wrong hands!


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