Mitigate The Risks With Proper Data Security Measures

The importance of proper and secure data destruction and IT asset disposal have grown significantly due to the various industry concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 continues to trigger major changes in the way we work and conduct business. There has been an increase in remote working and remote learning. More virtual meetings and conference calls are being held in various parts of the world.

It could also mean that, due to the higher volume of online activities, your business or organization may have had to resort to different practices in order to conduct business. You may have started to engage new business partners to help with your private and confidential business information, and this may include personal data.

For many, the changes that have been made are temporary, but there is no timetable for how long the temporary changes may be in place. However, the temporary changes could open the door for cyber criminals, hackers, thieves, etc. People with criminal intentions will try to make the most out of any opportunity, and this pandemic has not been an exception.

In adjusting your operations to the new normal, your business or organization may have developed an interest in keeping your systems and your data secure. Have you adjusted your security measures? Have you applied new security measures? The coronavirus pandemic does not provide an exemption from the obligations you have to keep confidential and private data safe from outsiders.

Cyber security and data security continue to be of great importance. When you are going through any risk assessments or strategic planning, it is important to factor in the required security measures. Careful thinking and consistent documentation can go an incredibly long way. Think of your legal obligations, the standards and guidelines that have been set by the industry, and your internal and external policies when you are preparing your risk assessment.

In order to implement the proper security measures, we encourage you to use proper data and media destruction methodologies. At Phiston Technologies, we are abiding by the laws that have been set regionally, locally, and nationally to ensure the safety of data. It does not matter if it is tapes or hard drives, we can help you make the appropriate decision when it comes to data security and data destruction.

It does not matter if you have created a plan or if you have yet to implement a solution on how to mitigate the security risks, contact us today for information on how our equipment can help you avoid the occurrence of any fraudulent activities. 

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