The Missing Piece of Most Data Security Advice

When you read articles about protecting your data, the advice tends to be pretty standard: keep your security protocols up to date, assign specific and limited roles to anyone who touches sensitive data, and encrypt your data wherever possible.

However, much of this advice misses a crucial piece: for true data security, you have to know how to get rid of sensitive data when you no longer needed.

Regardless of the type of business you run, you likely store sensitive data about your customers and/or employees digitally. Whether you store that data on a central hard drive, virtually, or on optical media such as a blu ray, the easy way to store is to keep saving it for eternity or until you run out of space. At that point, you may simply delete the files to make room for new ones.

Unfortunately, that is far from the best way. In fact, multiple studies have shown that business owners engage in the above practice because they are unaware of data recovery possibilities. Here’s an ugly truth: unless you physically destroy the medium on which you store data, it can be recovered.

That’s the piece most data security advice is missing. You may hear plenty about the fact that deleting your data is crucial, but the importance of permanently deleting it through physical data destruction is often ignored.

Fortunately, doing so is easier than you might think. If you run a business and are looking to keep your sensitive data secure, contact us. Our data destruction products meet NSA specifications, meaning you will be sure to protect yourself from data leaks or accidents.

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