The MediaVise Rackmount: Rack mounted data crushers

The news nearly constantly reports on data security incidents involving personal data of thousands of people. These incidents can seriously erode public confidence in the data entrusted to businesses and government entities. Phiston Technologies is a leader in the fight to eliminate data hacking from discarded electronic media.

Many data destruction techniques do not destroy all data from a device. It is not enough to drill holes in a hard drive as it only makes recovery more difficult, and stolen data remains a real possibility.Phiston’s MediaVise Rackmount Hard Drive Destroyer (MVR-HDD) delivers a crushing 40,000 pounds of force to the entire surface of the device, ensuring all data is unrecoverable, and the electronic scrap can be sent to a recycling facility with confidence that data security is intact.

The MVR-HDD is designed for data centers and for installation in a server rack using the included sliding brackets and installation hardware. It uses nine rack units and can also be placed on a mobile server rack or a steady surface, such as a table or cart.

The MVR activates when slid forward and it is ready for a device to be placed in the feed door. It takes only thirty seconds to completely destroy a device, which falls into a debris drawer. The drawer can hold multiple crushed devices so there is no need to empty it after each process. This drawer also features a lock with a keypad code to allow only authorized persons to access the debris.

The MVR-HDD is a hands-free unit, and the bin within the debris drawer is removable for easy dumping into a recycling container without touching the dangerous electronic scrap. For added safety, the unit will not operate until the door covering the intake port is completely closed, thereby eliminating any possibility of careless injury.

Like Phiston’s other data crushers, the MVR has no blades that would need sharpening or maintenance. It instead has corrugated plates that never need replacement.

The MediaVise Rackmount is a must for data centers and should be a part of any company’s electronic recycling process. It is an affordable and a necessary step in confident data security. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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