Media destruction you can trust!

You might be concerned with the most effective way to dispose of data safely on a storage volume such as a hard drive, but there are so many other ways to store data that you might be taking for granted when it comes to media destruction.  Not so long ago, information was stored in just a few ways, either on a hard-disk drive, a floppy disk or some kind of Jazz or Zip drive for archiving larger amounts of data.  Then along came optical mountable volumes, CD and DVD ROM technology.  When burning your own CD and DVD ROMs became cost effective, other forms of media followed suit soon after; solid state data storage.  SD memory cards can be used in everything from digital cameras to laptop computers, MicroSD is even more prevalent and for the same reasons thumb drive USB memory sticks are just as much of a security risk.  The reason for this is because the devices are small, portable, and easily lost.  Some of these devices, such as thumb drives, are often multi-functional, integrated into a keychain fob or even given away as promotional merch by companies.  Usually they find their way to kitchen junk drawers; their natural habitat apparently. Until someone decides to stick them in their pocket and read what is on them.

Because these drives are so durable, easily available, and can carry massive amounts of information without a power supply, they are also dangerous when it comes to keeping your information secure. Unlike a CD or DVD, SD cards and USB thumb-drives are pretty well-protected and aren’t subject to scratches or even water damage, heat or sunlight.  They can sit dormant for years, even surviving a trip through the washing machine, or being left in the glovebox of your car for a few summers and the data will still be intact.  Like all types of removable media, the best way to dispose of these volumes is through complete media destruction.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how Phiston Technologies can provide the most effective way to secure old data, before it winds up in the wrong hands.  We supply a variety of crushers that completely obliterate your storage media.  And yes, it is exactly as awesome as it sounds! Put your trust in us with the ultimate in storage volume destruction.

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