Media Destruction – Protect Your Vital Information

Do you use any of the following?

  • Bank card
  • Driver’s license
  • ID badge

If the answer is yes, you know how important the information is that is recorded on those cards. Identity theft is very real, and so are other crimes that can be committed if a criminal gets hold of your information. It may be just one small little plastic card, but if that card gets lost and ends up in the wrong hands, it could destroy your life.

If you need to dispose of your card, you need to do it properly. And we can help you! Phiston Technologies creates many products. One of them is theMediaDice Optical Media Destroyer.

Features of MediaDice include:

  1. 200-Disc AutoLoader (MD-OMD/A)
  2. Optical Media sanitation methods such as grinding, embossing and file deletion/erasure
  3. It is 100% effective, especially for Blu-Ray discs
  4. Is it a reliable means of total destruction that renders all data on optical media devices unrecoverable.

Please note, though, that sometimes the data can be recovered through modern forensic techniques.

Data destruction is a method that has been used for a while now to destroy data on forms of electronic media so that the data cannot be accessed by the wrong person. It is used by both federal and state organizations as well as other companies to stay safe in a world where cyber and digital crimes are running rampant.

Phiston Technologies is based out of Miami, Florida and strives to serve every organization with every need they may have regarding keeping their vital information safe by helping them get rid of the data they no longer need.

Don’t just toss out your cards or discs. Let us protect you by erasing all traces that your old things ever existed.

You can contact us here or call us at 305-517-1744.

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