Media Destruction: Phiston’s MediaVise Compact V-Spike SSD Destroyer

Technology is constantly changing and improving; your company may be at risk of sensitive data being leaked or stolen. To ensure the safety of your data you must destroy discarded media devices that are no longer useful to your business. Media destruction crushes your device to the point of no return. It is completely mangled and there is no physical way to retrieve the data on the disk.

The NSA has high standards for government agencies and privet businesses destroying data. Phiston Technologies has created several disk crushing products that meet the NSA standard and go beyond to supply the highest-quality service and products.

The MediaVise Compact V-Spike SSD Destroyer (MVC-V-SSD) is a compact destroyer designed to demolish small objects such as smartphones, USB devices, or circuit boards. The Phiston MVC-V-SSD is sixteen inches tall and is designed to sit on your desk or a table top. It allows you to destroy the data without ever leaving your secure building. It is easy to use and completely automatic.

Features of the Phiston MVC-V-SSD

  • It chews the device to bits with its interlocking pyramidal spears to the point of being useless
  • It shocks the device with a powerful electric pulse that disables it
  • It has a garbage chute add-on that ejects the destroyed media into your trash
  • It takes thirty seconds to crush, electrocute, and eject your device
  • You do not need to clean the machine after every use.
  • It is reliable up to 50,000 cycles

To keep your company safe you need a proper data disposal solution. Phiston Technologies provides several solutions to fit your company’s needs. To learn more about media destruction and why it is important to your business, contact us.

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