Media Destruction is Key to Company Security

From the old plast 3.5″ floppy disks to solid state media such as flash drives, for the last 30 years people have relied on digital media to save and protect their most secure files and information.  You probably don’t think a lot about what happens to information once it makes it to that file.  Whether it is removed from a drive, or if the storage volume is inside an old computer that is about to be sent to the great big computer lab in the sky, you might not think too long on what happens next.

Not a lot of people do.  This is why obsolete computers, digital media, and mounted volumes are a liability when it comes to digital media security.  Just because the hard-drive might seem like it doesn’t work, or maybe no one has a drive that even uses that kind of media anymore doesn’t mean that someone else out there doesn’t have the know-how to turn your trash into their treasure.  A treasure of stolen information.  All the way from trade secrets to highly lucrative information which can be used in identity theft.

The best way to protect your information on damaged, obsolete, or unused digital media is to completely destroy it.  Our products are a variety of media crushers, manglers, erasers, and devices which render your digital media physically impossible to use by anyone.  There is no better way to make sure the data stays gone when you want to get rid of it.

Contact us today to see what devices will work best for your needs.  Just because most people don’t think a lot about what happens next to digital media doesn’t mean we don’t.  It’s our specialty.

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