Media Destruction: Don’t Let Leaks Happen to You

As the world evolves to become more and more media-centered and dependent, we have several more files on our multiple different devices that we may deem sensitive. Having a plan for media destruction is a must in these cases.

Sometimes, keeping those sensitive files is a good idea (especially if they still serve a purpose to a particular mission), but other times, it’s best that those sensitive files be destroyed altogether.

Let’s not forget that just a few years ago, Edward Snowden leaked crucial information about the National Security Agency spying on its own American citizens in hopes that they would diminish terrorist attacks.

And now, a new leak has come out detailing information about “grey area” strikes that the government has been a part of, involving drones. These new “Drone Papers” don’t seem to be quite as damaging to the government as the Snowden leak was, but it’s safe to say that the government would have preferred that these papers went unseen by the public and especially the media.

Imagine if the agencies with these documents — in both cases, Snowden and The Drone Papers — had taken proper precautions to destroy the files. They never would have had any issues with media leakage!

The same issue could happen to anyone who has sensitive media on their devices. Whether it be Blu-Ray discs, compact discs, solid state drives, hard drives, or even drivers licenses or employer identification cards, you may need to get rid of these devices and the media on them. Simply deleting files is not enough, as advanced forensic procedures can recover deleted files.

A data crusher is the only 100 percent effective way to make sure your files are gone forever. It takes the time to ensure your media storage is crushed to dust.

If you aren’t properly getting rid of your storage devices and your sensitive files, you are at risk for a leak. Please contact us today to protect your sensitive files and ensure that leaks won’t be an issue for you.

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