Manage the Data Life Cycle With a Hard Drive Crusher

An on-site hard drive crusher can allow businesses to effectively dispose of their own computer drives without involving outside parties. This keeps the cycle of drive use and disposal predictable and safe.

Purchase of hard drive crushers is easy through a supplier like Phiston, which develops units that are lightweight and small enough to fit inside almost any office. Moreover, the price point of their products lets any company serious about information security take the electronics life cycle into their own secure grasp.

Sensitive Data Throughout Your Organization

Keep in mind the multitude of devices that access sensitive data at your organization. On-site servers store customer data; personal laptops and desktop workstations can access that data both inside and outside the office.

When a laptop’s power supply burns out or a server no longer boots, the device should be replaced since it will be unusable. However it shouldn’t be thrown in the trash or recycled with its hard drive(s) intact.

Those drives, even if they appear unusable, will still contain readable data that hackers could easily obtain. This is a security risk a hard drive crusher can help mitigate.

Purchase Your Own Hard Drive Crusher

Midsize businesses and enterprises may dispose of hundreds of hard drives every year.

They can be certain their drives are properly destroyed by using a Phiston crusher. It takes only 30 seconds for a hard drive crusher to pulverize a drive into debris. Then that debris can easily be disposed of at the necessary locations.

All data that was once on those drives will be irrecoverable. The business will have eliminated a source of security breach by handling destruction of their own materials.

Company data is invaluable and must be protected. In the wrong hands, it can tarnish the reputation of an organization or affect the livelihood of customers worldwide. Businesses do themselves and their customers a great service by protecting their digital information through proper drive disposal.

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