Let Us Put You in Control of Solid State Data Destruction

Over the last few decades, technology has improved in leaps and bounds.  Almost unbelievable ways of storing data exist which would have seemed like science fiction in the beginnings of computing.  Computers have graduated from vacuum tubes to magnetic tapes, punch cards, metallic hard disks, floppy disks, and now solid state data storage.  SSD cards allow you to store data, thousands of times the amount anyone was able to store fifteen or twenty years ago, all without the limitation of moving parts, magnetic tape, or media such as CD’s or DVD’s that degrade over time.

SSD cards are durable.  Solid state construction means that the volume doesn’t have its own power supply, moving parts, or degradable materials.  One could actually wash a SSD card in their pants pocket and let it dry out thoroughly, and still be able to continue using it!  They are just that durable!

The problem with this kind of durability and versatility is once information is on the device, it can also be extracted.  Something the size of a credit card can easily be misplaced, left in a junk drawer, or even accidentally left in a machine.  There is no telling what the next person will be able to lift off the card!  The best way to avoid compromising your data on solid state data devices is complete destruction of the media.  Phiston Technologies has everything you are looking for in solid state volume destruction, including rack mounted devices which allow your server rack to also pull service as a disposal and security station. Thus preventing your volume from “walking off” in case someone decides they can get some use out of that card.  Our crushers don’t just bend the media, they pierce, shred, and mangle it, rendering it permanently useless for anyone else.

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