Keep Your Information Safe with Solid State Data Destruction

If you need to safely dispose of sensitive information, you can’t just throw it away. That’s how thieves and hackers take advantage. You need to destroy old information as completely as possible, but how do you do that? If the information is written on paper, a shredder might be good enough. However, in this day and age, most information is not stored in a written format. It’s all digital now.

At first, that may seem like it makes things easier.  For example, if the data is on a CD or BLU Ray disk, you might think that an easy way to dispose of that is to simply snap it in half. However, this method does not go far enough. Just as simply breaking a CD does not destroy the data on it (believe it or not, it can be repaired, so that the data you sought to destroy is actually accessible), simply erasing or formatting an SSD will not render the data unusable to someone with the right tools.

In order to make sure no one gets their hands on your unwanted, but still sensitive information, it’s important to destroy media storage devices, regardless of their form, much more thoroughly. That’s where Phiston comes in. When it comes to solid state data destruction, Phiston Technologies has a line of professional grade tools to ensure any solid state media storage device is destroyed. Contact us to learn more about Phiston technologies and all of our solid state data destruction devices. Remember, with Phiston, you’re not just getting data destruction. You’re getting it fast, efficient, and safe data disposal that exceeds HEPA standards.

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