Invest in security with a hard disk crusher

Computers have come a long way since the mid-20th century, when data tapes recorded miles worth of information on reels of magnetic tape.  The inception of the hard disk meant that immense amounts of data could be recorded on a very durable and reusable media, the metal hard disk, where it could be kept indefinitely through all sorts of operating conditions.  This durability became a detriment as well, due to the hardy nature of the media.  Information could no longer be destroyed by erasure or physical destruction, such as exposure to fire or solvents.  The media itself became a security risk and other means of sanitizing the data had to be performed to ensure confidentiality.

Enter the age of the personal computer.  Since networks connected independently working operating systems units together via a network of servers, hubs, and switches, data was no longer funneled to a central location, but could potentially exist on every machine connected to it.  A variety of modular storage devices were also developed, such as solid state drives, CD/DVD/BluRay, flash drives, and PCM cards that were capable of motility of information outside of the systems unit itself.  Information was never really “erased” from these devices when repurposed, but instead the signature “stops” were removed via an application and the information was just overwritten. 

This was totally unreliable.

It soon became evident that the best way to ensure the security of data went all the way back to the beginning, where physical destruction of the media was the only way to prevent the information the devices held from falling into the wrong hands.  Since it is impractical to render hard disks back into molten material (which could be intercepted), the next best thing is use of a hard disk crusher.  

Phiston Technologies specializes in in-house hard disk crushers and SSD destroying devices.  The surest way of keeping your data secure from SSD and hard disk storage volumes when they have reached the end of their functionality.  Contact us to see which hard disk destruction device is right for you.  We have a wide assortment of devices capable of handling different jobs, safely, efficiently, and with complete assurance that your media is destroyed permanently.

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