Information isn’t a one way street

Sure your bank, your attorneys and your credit card company destroy, or should be destroying, any computer hardware they are disposing of, such as hard drives, removable media of any kind, like flash drives and compact discs, but all that information, your emails, your credit card information, PERSONAL INFORMATION, all that is still on YOUR computers as well.  Even though your major contractors are properly destroying any media that is being omitted, your in-house computers hold the same information and should you decide to dispose of a computer or some other form of hardware, your company too, needs the expertise of Phiston Technologies for your media destruction.

Not just for the security of your data,  the professionals at Phiston Technologies can walk you through the ins and outs of all the Federal rules and regulations required for proper destruction, and there are many!

With a simple call to Phiston Technologies, you can confidently assure your company’s data safety, along with your client’s personal information, using proven destruction methods and equipment, that is specifically matched to your company’s needs and current, up to date information on Federal rules and regulations.

Look, you lock your house, shred your mail, use the best anti-virus program you can afford and hire professionals to watch your credit score and banking habits for identity theft.  Why wouldn’t you do the same for your small business?  Why wouldn’t you protect your clients, who have placed their trust in you with their information?

From flower shops, to secretarial services, it is your responsibility to protect that sensitive data on your in-house media. CDs, hard drives, even cell phones given to employees to use. It’s all up for grabs out there and a lot of not so good people are looking for it, wherever it can be found.

Don’t be the one on the news with the latest data storage information leak.  Protect your business, your clients and yourself, personally, by destroying your computer media, safely.

contact us to speak with an expert in media destruction methods.

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