Improve Your Cyber Security: Hard Drive Destroyer To Help Your Business Avoid E-Waste Hell

A recent Dateline series discussed the burden of e-waste in Ghana, but the threat this poses to your business makes this documentary relevant to your business. There are literally thousands of computers being dumped in Ghana each day. What’s worst is Ghana residents are using data recovery tools to pillage sensitive information off of the hard drive of these computers threatening the cyber security of millions of businesses and personal PC owners in the United States. Even though the Department of Sustainability has enacted strict policies that prohibit the dumping and shipping of e-waste to Ghana, the trade is still functional under the guise that the outdated technology is secondhand goods. How can your business avoid contributing e-waste hell? 

How To Avoid E-Waste Hell With Hard Disk Destruction 

According to the online website, “for IT asset disposition, this entails being able to document the disposition and data erasure/destruction status of all of your equipment, generally by serial number, with all the regulations requirements.” To this end, to avoid millions of dollars in fines, legal fees, cyber security scrutiny, bad publicity, and a data breach, the proper hard disk destruction is essential for your business.  What’s worse is, e-waste has left thousands of hard drives exposed to the residents of Ghana. Dateline reported, “there are thousands of U.S. hard drives on every corner in Ghana.” When you’re looking for an adequate hard drive destroyer

  • choose a certified hard drive destroyer (the company you choose should be certified in data sanitation) 
  • qualified high standards (every disposition is documented to protect your business) 
  • cyber security insurance (insurance covers errors, omissions (E&O), environmental, and data breach incidents) 

Phiston Technologies: An E-Waste Hell Savior 

Don’t let the company information that your business is entrusted with end up in an illegal landfill subjected to individuals with data recovery tools. Phiston Technologies has the only hassle free automated hard drive data destroyer’s that your business will ever need. We partner with our clients to ensure their information is never retrievable again. We’re proudly registered and certified in the state of Florida with over 20 years of experience in secure data destruction. We meet regulatory requirements while paying close attention to workplace and operator health and safety. If you’re looking for professional hard disk destruction, contact us at Phiston Technologies for more details today. 

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