Improper Storage Disposal Risks Breaches In Data Security

Mention the topic of data security and what usually comes to mind are firewalls, antivirus programs, and other commonly used cybersecurity tools. However, what many businesses fail to recognize is that the improper disposal of stored data poses as much of a security risk as a hacker does. Permanent data destruction can be a complex and confusing topic that many organizations fail to properly address. With massive amounts of sensitive data being stored on disks, hard drives, and USB sticks, it all must be properly destroyed to avoid any compromises to a company’s database. 

Security risks don’t end with the destruction of computer hard drive data. Consider all the data that is stored on cell phones, CDs, magnetic stripe ID cards, and other electronic media. When disposed of improperly, the saying “your trash is someone else’s treasure,” certainly applies. Even many business espionage professionals regard trash as a lucrative source of company and personal data.  Cybercriminals often seek disposed of computer equipment in the dumpsters of retailers and other businesses for this purpose alone. 

Many believe that simply overwriting or erasing data is a good enough measure to prevent it from being accessed. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many tools and methods that can easily recover everything that was previously written to the media. The risks to businesses are immeasurable and include everything from non-compliance lawsuits to loss of trust and damage to the business’ reputation. 

So how does a company properly dispose of electronic media without the chance of client, consumer, and financial information being recovered by unscrupulous parties? 

The only guaranteed method is by physical destruction of the media device by companies who employ specialized equipment for this purpose. This process involves obliterating the device to pieces that make data recovery impossible. All that remains are tiny fragments that are collected and properly disposed of in accordance with regulatory standards. 

Businesses can also elect to have these data destruction devices installed on site in their data centers. This prevents a backlog of disposed devices from piling up until they are handed over to a third party company.

Thousands of dollars are spent on the protection of active data while the safe destruction of inactive and old data is often ignored. A marginal investment in a data destruction strategy is the best insurance against a compromise from improperly disposed storage devices. 

At Phiston, we utilize patented technology for data destruction with our MediaVise, MediaVise Compact, and MediaDice systems. Our processes meet the National Security Agency’s standards for the protection of sensitive information. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as those in the aerospace, military, law enforcement, education, finance, and other industries. 

Contact us for more information on our innovative storage destruction methods that can protect your business data from falling into the wrong hands.

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