The Importance of a Hard Drive Crusher During Employee Turnover

If you run a business in which your employees spend time on computers, chances are they will sooner or later come across sensitive and confidential data. Most likely, they will touch that data on a regular basis to help in your business operations. But what happens when those employees leave, perhaps even to take a job with your competitor? Suddenly, data protection is key.

The Problem

Too often, data fraud and breaches are connected with a former employee who still had access to his previous employer’s data and used it to their advantage. Especially in competitive industries, where the employee joins a direct rival in the same field, data breaches are a very real possibility: the financial industry alone had 645 known data breaches in 2015.

And that doesn’t even count the cases not made public, due to a potential PR nightmare or data too sensitive to even mention. If your former employees are the problem, what can you do?

The Solution

Your Number One Priority should be to ensure that when they leave your company, even if it’s on good terms, your employees don’t have an easy way to take your data with them. That, in turn, is possible with a comprehensive debriefing from HR or your security professionals.

But of course, relying on a mere handshake is not enough. To ensure your employees don’t have access to sensitive data, you should use data crushers to help destroy the sensitive data they handled. Our products meet NSA specifications, ensuring that even the most sensitive data is reliably destroyed when needed. To learn more about our data crushers and how they can help you prevent regular employee turnover from turning into a potential nightmare, contact us.

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