How to Prepare Your Data Security For 2018

As we move closer to the new year, preparation is key to keep your technology requirements current and safe. The current state of data security is relatively dire, with countless businesses of all sizes finding themselves unprepared for ongoing and new threats to the integrity of their systems.

But problems tend to present opportunities, and the same is true here. If you find your data security lacking, it’s time to make the necessary revisions to your policy to keep your digital information (and, by extension, your company) safe. Here are some steps that can get you started in that regard.

1) Move From Reactive to Proactive

Too much cyber security is reactive. Something goes wrong, and your company has to react. Of course, that will always remain an important part of your effort, but it should not comprise your entire effort. Instead, invest in installing a more proactive data security plan that involves training, examination of your current systems, and more.

2) Involve Your Employees

Speaking of training: data security in 2018 has to involve your employees. They don’t just need to be trained, but should play an active part in your data security plan. Employees are your best resource, especially when it comes to getting input from the people directly in touch with your data.

3) Consider Software and Hardware

Too often, data security focuses on software needs. In reality, your hardware matters just as much. Just like you need to protect yourself against cyber attacks, you should avoid vulnerabilities by destroying hard drives once they are no longer used.

Simply deleting your files is not enough. Instead, make the investment in a reliable hard drive destroyer that prevents any accidental or purposeful leaks. Contact us to learn more about our products, and how they can help you prepare your data security operations for 2018.

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