How to keep your Computer and Data Secure

When it comes to data security, there are a significant number of approaches that need to be taken in order to ensure that information does not get stolen due to lackluster security measures. As far as sensible security measures are concerned, one basic thing to make sure to check and double-check is the security and complexity of the passwords protecting your data.

Many people do not make the effort to utilize complex enough passwords which frequently leads to important data being easily accessible by people you would like to keep out of that data. This is emphasized by the fact that some of the most common passwords currently employed are the easiest to figure out. This list includes passwords like “password”, “123456”, “2580” or sometimes the name of the person whose data is being protected by the password in question.

If you want to ensure data safety, one of the most important things to do is to have a good password that cannot be easily guessed. Besides just having a complex password though, it is important to make sure that the physical location of the computer or hard drive where this data is kept is itself secure. Having a good password is fine but the better approach is to not have to rely on it. If a potential data thief can’t get to the drive or computer in question to access the data they want to steal then it will be that much more difficult for them to steal your data.

However, not all data will be stored locally and sometimes data employs cloud storage so there will not be a lot you can do about the security measures excluding passwords and encryption. If that is the case, it is vital that you make sure to know who has access to the data and make sure that only trustworthy individuals are able to access it so that an untrustworthy employee can’t just log in, make a copy and walk out with critical data one day.

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