How Does a Hard Drive Crusher Make a Private Cloud More Feasible?

Although public cloud services remain popular among many businesses, companies with large processing needs find that they need to bring their cloud computing capabilities in-house. Although private clouds can solve some of the expense problems caused by subscribing to public cloud services, they also come with problems of their own. One of these is security and regulatory compliance. If implementing your cloud applications on a private cloud means that you’ll be handling sensitive or regulated information on in-house infrastructure, then your private cloud implementation needs to be planned with security in mind from start to finish.
The reality of working with anything that relies on mechanical equipment is that eventually, mechanical equipment wears out and must be replaced. This is just as true of the servers that run your private cloud as it is of a car or a refrigerator. However, your private cloud is unique in that once it has been used to store confidential information, it is generally subject to security and privacy relationships until it has been thoroughly destroyed. 
There are tools on the market today, such as hard drive degaussers, that use electromagnetic waves to disrupt the way that data is recorded on hardware. However, this method is not absolutely foolproof, and many government agencies do not consider data to be destroyed if the storage hardware is merely scrambled magnetically. After using a magnetic hard drive eraser on the hardware that once held sensitive data, you must generally use a physical destruction method in order to be compliant with modern security regulations.
Hard drive crushers work by physically damaging computer hardware until there is no chance whatsoever of recovering any data left over from electromagnetic erasure. Through a combination of crushing and cutting action, hard drive crushers can destroy hardware ranging from blu-ray disks and CDs to entire hard drives or servers. A combination of this method with degaussing or other means of electromagnetic erasure is generally sufficient to satisfy privacy regulations.
Using a private cloud to handle your company’s computing tasks can be a great way to more efficiently handle your data while avoiding the expenses involved with a public cloud. However, there are a number of responsibilities that you must handle yourself if you opt for a private cloud solution. These responsibilities include the complete destruction of any hardware which is being disposed of after handling sensitive data. In order to satisfy modern security requirements, electromagnetic erasure is not enough. You must also use a mechanical hard drive crusher to make sure that your sensitive information is gone for good.
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