Why Hard Drive Destruction is Vital For Modern Businesses

Almost all modern businesses use online technology in some form during their daily workflows. Online technologies and media devices are convenient and helpful for businesses, yet they also raise security concerns. In this regard, let’s discuss why hard drive destruction is vital for modern businesses.

BYOD Policies

Data breaches manifest in different ways and are significant threats for businesses that process sensitive customer, employee, and business data. Mostly, businesses focus on securing their enterprise networks and enforcing strict adherence to IT policies to safeguard their data; this is necessary, yet safeguarding any used and discarded physical devices is needed as well.

Today’s businesses are increasingly adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies, especially, with smartphones and tablets. The problem with this is: when employees upgrade their mobile devices or laptops, their old devices often have sensitive data still on them – even when reset or erased.

If businesses and organizations are going to allow employees to use their mobile devices at work, they should consider destroying the hard drives in the old devices – as part of their IT policies. This way, old mobile devices and laptops won’t land in the hands of cybercriminals, who can then hack into the devices and retrieve sensitive data.

Hard Drive Destruction IT Policies

Modern enterprises have to take cybersecurity seriously, both with current networks and infrastructure and hardware that’s being discarded and recycled. IT policies should include procedures for the safe and total destruction of old media storage devices, such as hard drives, smartphones, Blu-ray discs, mp3 players, tablets, and other devices where sensitive data can be stored.

Rapid upgrades with online technologies and computing devices make IT hard drive destruction policies that much more important. Old media storage devices with sensitive data can easily get into the hands of the wrong person and provide a back door for hackers to exploit customer, employee, and/or business data.


Data breaches are a growing threat for modern businesses in today’s technologically advanced world. With millions of dollars and reputations on the line, businesses are taking network security very seriously; yet, they might not consider the threat their used hard drives and media storage devices pose. With BYOD policies and constant infrastructure upgrades on the rise, this threat increases even more.

Initiating IT policies to destroy old hard drives and media storage devices in-house, will safeguard sensitive data and protect businesses from data breaches. In order to accomplish this, businesses and organizations will need a hard drive destroyer.

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