Hard Drive Destruction: The Next Level of Security for Tax Preparation Offices

If you own a tax preparation office, you understand the necessity of protecting your clients’ important personal data. Shredding copies of old tax returns and keeping current information under lock and key are important steps in data security. However, what about the computer systems that must be replaced from time to time?

Hard drive destruction is one consideration that every tax office owner needs whenever a computer has to be replaced. If the office has been opened for any amount of time, there could be thousands of social security numbers sitting on the hard drive of any computer in the office. Simply throwing the computer in the trash is not an option for any responsible office owner.

The dramatic increase in the number of identity theft cases in recent years has had a negative impact on tax filers and the processing of returns at both the federal and state levels. In 2015, the IRS and many states took unprecedented action and delayed refunds for millions of tax payers in an effort to reduce the instances of identity theft. Still, $5.8 billion dollars were paid in fraudulent refunds in that same year.

Products such as our Mediavise(R) Rackmount HDD Destroyer provide real solutions for both large and small-scale tax preparation office hard drive destruction. This device destroys every possible area of a hard drive that could still be readable if discovered by a knowledgeable person, and it is the only rackmount design in the industry. It provides safe and reliable data destruction and can always be trusted as a clean solution for any office owner.

To see how we can help you protect your clients’ important data and make your office more secure, feel free to contact us.

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