Hard Drive Destruction: Leave No Trace

If you intend to sell a hard drive or dispose of it due to its’ nonfunctional status then all you need to do is format the drive or restore it to factory settings, right? Wrong! Formatting a drive will not get rid of everything and can leave behind quite a bit of vital data. Say you merely format a drive before throwing it in the trash at your local dump. By doing this, you are leaving quite a lot of unsecured data on that drive. This has the potential to compromise your personal and financial information or, if the drive was used for business or financial purposes, that of your employees or clients.

These potential problems are the very reason why hard drives need to be COMPLETELY disposed of in a physical sense and not merely wiped of data. Not only can choosing to just wipe the data by formatting your drive leave significant financial information behind, it can also leave residual information such as your web browsing history and even something as sensitive as your social security number and all of your passwords. While the average user would likely be held at bay by formatting a drive and hitting it a few times with a hammer, an especially determined information thief or hacker could, given enough time, recover your information from the drive.

Since wiping the data doesn’t actually dispose of it all, a more extreme approach is needed here. That is where we come in. Here at Phiston Technologies, we can help you ensure your data is properly disposed of by completely erasing all the data from it and ensuring that the drive’s destruction is complete enough that no hacker would be able to gain access to its’ stored information in the first place.

We can recommend the proper drive destruction equipment to you based on your particular needs. Contact Us for more information on our equipment and to get a quote for the destruction of your drive(s). Don’t wait! Act now to ensure the safe and secure disposal of your hard drives.

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