Hard Drive Destruction: Crush, Stomp and Mangle It

There comes a time when you need to thoroughly rid the hard drive in your PC desktop or laptop of sensitive data. Total hard drive destruction is necessary when you are transitioning to new technology and ditching the old. Anything less than total destruction would be unacceptable and may be hazardous.
Delete or Destroy

Be aware that the information on any hard drive is still retrievable even if you “erase” the hard drive. The only way to be sure that it is really gone is to physically destroy that hard drive. Stomp on it. Crush it. Mangle it and deface that hard drive to protect yourself and your business.
When it is time to toss old equipment, think twice about the data on the hard drive. It would be a catastrophic event if you fell victim to identity theft – or worse. Once you destroy the hard drive, the information is gone forever. If you only press the delete button, nothing really goes away permanently. It merely hides somewhere.
Destroy That Hard Drive

For your own protection, back up your data on a separate hard drive because you will never be able to retrieve a forgotten file when you destroy the old one. If you are destroying a laptop, plug it in before you begin just in case you lose power in the middle of this process. Remember, you are destroying this drive to protect your data and yourself.
  • employees are not trained to properly destroy data from old drives
  • some people ignorantly do not care
  • enterprises start downsizing or liquidating due to bankruptcy
  • data scrubbing or disk erasure measures don’t work
We are able to meet your requirements for data destruction including advice, assistance and products that insure data is crunched to perfection when we are done with your hard drive. Contact us to learn the reasons we have the trust of the FDIC, local government and popular social media outlets for compliant and reliable destruction of computer storage hardware.

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