A Hard Drive Destroyer – More Useful Than it Seems

What do you do when you want to get rid of old data? More likely than not, your answer will not be enough to actually destroy it. The classic movie Office Space has taught us the benefits of simply taking a baseball bat to a computer, but even doing that to a hard drive may not be enough to reliably erase the data on it.

Instead, you need a hard drive destroyer. It’s the only way your data can be safely destroyed, which can become important in a wide variety of industries.

Where a Hard Drive Destroyer May Be Necessary

Though you may not think such equipment is a necessity for your business. But in fact, any time you deal with sensitive information, you will be better served with a hard drive destroyer. Here are just some potential applications for the equipment:

  • The medical industry, in order to protect sensitive patient data in accordance with HIPAA.
  • The higher education sector, which requires tight data security thanks to FERPA regulations.
  • Any e-commerce business in which you store your customers’ financial information on your company hard drives.

In each of these industries, finding a way to ensure that sensitive data does not get into the wrong hands is absolutely crucial. Simply throwing out or formatting your hard drive is not enough to accomplish that feat; instead, you need an NSA-approved device that can do the job for you. To learn more about hard drive destroyers, and how they can benefit both your business and its legal standing, contact us.

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