Hard Drive Destroyer or Hard Drive Degausser: Which Should I Choose?

Companies and businesses of all sizes keep confidential and important data on their computer hard drives. When this data is no longer needed, the company will have to properly destroy it so the information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. This is especially important if the data contains sensitivity information, such as financial records of your customers.

Far too often, companies don’t take data destruction seriously. While you may think simply deleting the data yourself is sufficient, this just isn’t the case. Placing files in the computer’s recycling bin and deleting them actually doesn’t get rid of it, it merely hides them from the operating system. This means that the files can be recovered by hackers, viruses and thieves. That is why you need the help of data destruction equipment.

There are essentially two options when considering data destruction: hard drive destroying or hard drive degaussing. Degaussing is when a powerful magnetic field is used to erase the data from a hard drive and hard drive destroying is when the hard drive is crushed or shredded.

While degaussing hard drives does provide a certain level of security, it cannot compete with a hard drive destroyer. Physically destroying the hard drive is the most effective way to ensure the data on the drive is no longer accessible. The hard drive is nothing more than tiny pieces of metal.

If you would like more information about hard drive security, contact us at Phiston Technologies. We can help you determine the right data destruction equipment for your specific needs and wants.

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