Hard Drive Degaussers: Not Even Good Enough for the Snowden Files

In one of the most infamous cases of data leaks in history, former CIA employee Edward Snowden leaked highly classified information to the news media from several governmental authorities around the world. In one fascinating account of this story, The Snowden Files author Luke Harding describes the moment when the UK office of The Guardian had their computers cleansed of any of the illegally-attained files: “It was a parody of luddism as men were sent in from Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters to smash computer hard drives at the Guardian’s office.

While Phiston Technologies is far from being a luddite, we do understand the extreme measures companies have to take to protect their information and defend against those who would steal it.  With that in mind we have a full range of products that do not just erase information from your hard drive, but utterly obliterate it, leaving nothing to chance or human error. 
The hard drive degausser is often lauded for being the most effective method of removing sensitive data from technologies, however it comes with a major flaw:  there is just no way to guarantee the method worked.  Imagine receiving your hard drive marked “degaussed”.  Without physically re-installing and checking the files, how do you know your information was truly scrambled to the point of being unreadable?  For most companies that is a step that is completely inefficient, and degaussing is just too big of a risk to take.
In contrast, our MediaVise Hard Drive Crusher is a guaranteed method of data sanitation.  When a hard drive is fed into the MediaVise, its patented crushing plates deliver over 40,000 pounds of force to the vulnerable platters and read heads of the drive. In less than a minute, the hard drive is crushed, mangled and rendered unreadable and discharged into a debris collection bin. The entire process is “hands off” and meets NSA specifications for Data Destruction.  An added bonus is the MediaVise can crush up to 7-10 hard drives at once, making it an asset to efficiency and ease.
For clients wishing to have a more unobtrusive option for crushing their hard drives, the MediaVise Compact works in the same manner as the MediaVise, however it is able to sit on your desktop and has the capacity to crush 1 hard drive at a time.  Notably, the MediaVise Compact has been NSA approved.
There is a reason Britain’s GCHQ turned to a seemingly anachronistic method of obliterating the Guardian’s computers, and a reason our clients are deeply satisfied with any of the MediaVise products.  Security lies in getting the job done right the first time.  
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