Hard Drive Crushers Obliterate Threats by Obliterating Data

In an era where your credit card can be scanned from inside your pocket, protecting your data is both more difficult and more important than ever.  This is why the process destroying your unwanted data properly is that much more crucial.  Regardless of how much you break or delete, what it really comes down to is destroying the magnetic platter in your hard drive.  You could do this by unscrewing the many screws necessary to access it before attempting to remove the circuit board from every computer in your organization, or save yourself a lot of time and headaches with a hard drive crusher.  By completely crushing the hard drive, you can eliminate the possibility of any information being stolen.

Hard drive crushers are just one of the tools that Phiston uses to get rid of all sensitive information for both small and large companies.  The technology industry is rapidly changing and therefore so is the technology that individuals may use to steal your company’s information.  Phiston prides ourself on being ahead of the curve by anticipating and educating ourselves on emerging tech so that we can effectively destroy it.  We even meet NSA standards (as well as those of several other organizations) just to be safe.

Some of our popular and patented data destruction products include but are not limited to the MediaVise®, the MediaVise® Rackmount, and the MediaDice™.  We will destroy the information ourselves at our facility in Miami, Florida and even send you back the remnants so you can feel fully comfortable that any threat to your data has been eliminated.  We can then work with you and your company to update your policy and make you feel even safer moving forward.

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