Hard Disk Eraser? No Way.

For many businesses data is just as valuable as the products and services they sell. In an effort to properly secure and dispose of sensitive information, data destruction has become a part of ensuring customers and clients that their private data remains safe. Many companies feel confident using a hard disk eraser to wipe hard drives, but that may not be the best method. We believe that crushing a hard disk is the superior solution for businesses looking to completely destroy data storage devices of all kinds.
  • Erasers Do Not Destroy – Hard drive erasers only overwrite data in hopes of making it impossible to read. Crushers on the other hand physically destroy the hard disk so that it cannot even be used again, eliminating the chance of getting any information off of it.
  • Erasers Do Not Work on All Drives – Since erasers use software to interact with the drive, it must be functioning for the erasing process to work. This means that a failed drive with sensitive data is not able to be erased. The vast majority of erasers can interface with either IDE/SATA drives or SCSI drives but not both. If a company handles both types of drives, they will need two separate erasers to handle the different hard drives. Also, solid state drives are not good candidates for erasing due to their design and are best destroyed physically. One hard drive crusher can handle all sizes and all types of drives regardless of whether or not they are functioning.
  • Erasers Are Not Efficient for Mass Destruction – An eraser can take days to fully erase a drive depending on the size of the drive and the number of overwrites needed. For businesses looking to completely eliminate mass quantities of data, waiting days or hours is not an option. Hard disk crushers destroy drives far more quickly than an eraser.
Hard disk erasers have too many pitfalls to be a serious consideration for businesses that need data eradicated completely and efficiently. We offer many quality crushers suitable for large or small data destruction jobs. To browse our products or learn more please contact us.

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