Hard Disk Crusher Smashes Sensitive Bits and Bytes

With worldwide PC shipments totaling 89 million units in the first quarter of 2012 alone,  it’s pretty evident we’ve all been busy upgrading our computer technology. But when we spin up that brand new hardware, what happens to the data we left on the old one?

Just thinking what we left on our old hard drives is enough to make any security expert cringe. What with banking and credit card information, personal emails, and even confidential company data, those hard drives are just sitting ducks for anyone to grab and use them against us.

Unfortunately, many people think that just by deleting or even formatting the drives protects us from such outcomes. The truth is, there are many tools that unscrupulous parties can use to harvest the data that you thought you deleted forever.
It goes without saying that any highly sensitive data that you would not want to share should be physically destroyed.
But does this mean that you should take your hard drives into the back yard and use them for target practice? Even putting a few holes into the platters doesn’t ensure that your sensitive data will be destroyed. You’d have to literally grill it with hundreds of holes to cover every track.
Then there’s the acid method. But immersing your entire hard drive in a container of hydrochloric acid can only result in a trip to the emergency room should there be spills.
Additionally, breaking or grinding the hard drive is just as hazardous since the inhaled particles can be quite toxic.
So how does one ensure that sensitive data on the hard drive is permanently destroyed?
Phiston Technologies can assist you with this dilemma. We utilize the Mediavise hard disk crusher that mangle hard drives safely and securely. The remnants are rendered totally unreadable and stored into a debris collection bin. The entire process takes less than one minute with the MediaVise’s 40,000 pounds of force.
We offer several types of data destruction solutions that fit any need. From personal computer hard drives to larger multiplatter drives, we guarantee that all data is permanently destroyed and safely disposed. Our MediaDice optical media destroyer can even disintegrate CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray disks, as well as magnetic strip cards.
With our disk destruction solutions, you’ll sleep better knowing that your sensitive data has been permanently destroyed and properly disposed of. Contact us for more information on all of our media disposal solutions including CD, DVD, and Blu-ray destroyers.

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