Get Rid of Data With a Blu-Ray Disintegrator

Any business or individual that has sensitive material that could be damaging if it got into the wrong hands needs to have a safe, easy, and reliable way of disposing of that material. With the technological advancements that mankind has experienced over the past decade, some of the methods for storing media — as well as recovering it — have gotten complex and make it difficult to dispose of media. This makes things more difficult than just tossing something such as a Blu-Ray disc in the trash.

Don’t let your data get into the wrong hands. Get rid of it safely with a Blu-Ray Disintegrator .

There are other ways to “destroy” Blu-Ray discs, such as grinding, embossing, and the normal deleting of files, but these methods are not 100 percent effective. New advancements in forensic techniques allow experienced individuals to recover files in some of these scenarios.

The only true way to ensure that your data is destroyed forever, and won’t be recovered, is to put it through a data Disintegrator . Blu-Ray discs should be put through a special machine that disintegrates the disc. The disc will be physically destroyed, and all that will be left is particles of it.

While finding a Blu-Ray Disintegrator may not exactly be hard, finding a good one is. That’s where we can help. Our MediaDice Optical Media Destroyer can get rid of your Blu-Ray discs at a fast rate, getting 500-700 discs destroyed per hour. This media destroyer can also get rid of bank cards, licenses, and ID badges.

This device is hands-off, keeping you safe, and it exceeds the NSA/CSS specifications. All of the waste from the process is completely recyclable, and the destruction is 100 percent effective.

What’s especially unique about our product is that it comes with on-call technical support, should anything happen where you need help with your product.

If you need to get rid of data, do it the right way, and don’t be caught off guard. Contact us today in order to set yourself up with a Blu-Ray Disintegrator .

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