Finding a Solid State Data Destruction Device for Your Company

The most important aspect of business is information and in the modern age, most information is stored electronically. Despite the recent development of cloud computing, solid state media such as cell phones and memory cards still contain sensitive information about your business. And no matter what the status of cloud computing, servers still require circuit boards and solid state hard drives. By their very nature, these products contain sensitive data. Desktop solid state data destroyers such as the MediaVice Compact V-Spike Destroyer are the best way to protect your sensitive data. Here are a few things to look for when considering a solid state data destruction device:


While safeguarding your data is essential, the safety of your employees is by far the most is by far the most important aspect of your business. By its very nature, a solid state data destruction device utilizes crushing force to ensure that it is impossible to access your data. In order to ensure the safety of your employees, make sure that your device features a safe, hands free method of loading unwanted objects. It should also feature a system to eject debris directly into a garage can in order to avoid the possibility of employee injury.

Time Cycle

Companies often upgrade their technical devices all at once, meaning that you might have to destroy all of your outdated devices at once. To avoid a time-consuming and expensive destruction process, make sure that your solid state destruction device works in a quick and efficient manner.

Customer support

Repairing an SSD destruction device should be done by a trained professional in order to maintain safety. Having an on-call customer support system with technicians that can be deployed to your location is essential to avoid long periods of downtime.

For more information about how the MediaVise Compact V-Spike Destroyer or other SSD destruction device can help safeguard your business, contact us.

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