Finally! There is a rackmount solution for hard drive destruction

The newest innovation from Phiston Technologies has arrived.  There is now a solution to thoroughly address security concerns over outsourcing your data center’s hard drive destruction.

The MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer is the first of its kind to provide secure in-house hard drive destruction to NSA and RCMP standards in a rackmount form. With 20 tons of force supplied by its patented corrugated interlocking crushing plates this rackmounted innovation can render every square inch of a hard drive unreadable in 30 seconds.

Your destroyed media, up to 25 hard drives, stays secure in a locked container that is only accessible by an authorized user through a secure keypad. Your data never leaves your center until you are ready to dispose of it properly.

This unit offers hands free operation to destroy either one full-size HDD/SSD or two laptop HDDs at a time. It can also destroy any cellphone, PDA or other small electronic devices or circuit boards that requires secure disposal. The built-in safety lockouts prevent hands or clothing being caught in the destruction chamber ensuring safe operation.

This heavy gauge steel unit fits in a EIA Standard server rack space.  The steel enclosure’s design features enhanced shielding and noise suppression to reduce EMI and RFI to undetectable levels, helping protect your other sensitive equipment.

Created with the highest standards for Health and Environmental safety in mind, the MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer uses HEPA filtration that meets the MRV8 standard for air quality.

With blades that never need sharpening or replacing and nationwide on call technical support the MediaVise MVR HDD Destroyer is a cost efficient and secure way to handle the hard drive destruction needs for your data center.

Please contact us about this exciting innovation.

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