Erasers vs Crushers: Is there a difference?

Most people will agree that protecting sensitive information is of paramount importance; this includes ensuring the proper disposal of outdated, damaged, or unnecessary storage media. There are many options available to those who wish to dispose of outdated storage media, but not all solutions to this problem are created equal.

Hard Drive Degaussers:

A hard drive eraser, or more accurately, a degausser, is a tool used to clear saved data from hard disk drives. The degausser employs a powerful magnetic field to disrupt the data, which is originally stored in patterns by the magnetic arrangement of metal powder.

While this sounds like a rather effective means to destroy sensitive information, as everything, including even the start-up files, is lost, degaussers are not infallible. Any leftover information might be out of reach of the common computer user, but advanced users, with time and specialized equipment, can manage to recover some of that data for personal use.

Hard Disk Crushers:

A hard disk crusher, on the other hand, removes data by dismantling the physical components beyond repair to ensure that nothing may be recovered. Unlike degaussers, which leave drives physically intact (and thereby allow them to be inserted or attached to machines in order to plumb them for any salvageable data) the drive  destroyed by a hard disk destroyer is physically fragmented into pieces far too small to reconstitute.

Phiston Technologies offers a wide range of hard drive destruction equipment to safely and efficiently dispose of all manner of storage media, including, but not limited to HDD’s, SSD’s, and CD’s. Their products are designed to suit the needs of small and large businesses alike. For more information about hard drive crushers and to determine which models would serve your interests best, contact us.

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