Ensure Data Security and Save Money With an In-House Hard Disk Drive Destroyer

Most companies take encompassing measures to ensure data security within their computing systems, but what are they doing with the hardware when disposing it? Having another company destroy and dispose of this hardware involves risk in itself, not to mention the escalating cost and logistical headaches. Companies who have an internal capability for the destruction of  their hardware: are ensuring better data security, while saving time and money in the process.

Phiston’s MediaVise® HDD destroyer is a popular choice among our customers, partly because of its range of destruction capabilities. While featured as a hard disk drive destroyer, it also destroys and renders inoperable other devices such as:

  • SSDs
  • USB/flash drives
  • PDAs
  • Cell/Smart Phones
  • Circuit Boards


The MediaVise crusher is only 25” tall and 12” wide, so doesn’t take up much space. It has patented crushing plates inflicting 40,000 pounds of crushing force to the platters and read heads of the drive. The entire process takes only one minute, and is guaranteed by Phiston to decimate data storage media: rendering them unreadable and unrecoverable. The debris simply collects in a bin until it can be disposed of.

Phiston’s data destruction devices are designed to meet NSA standards, and are made from durable materials with innovative designs not found anywhere else in the industry. For instance, the MediaVise HDD destroyer has a HEPA Filtration system that traps any harmful particulars from becoming airborne. Also, it has OHSA accepted noise levels of only 65db, so it can be used without sounding like an industrial plant.

Companies can develop an in-house destruction process with ease using our quality produced data destruction machines. Phiston produces quality products from durable materials, designed to perform at high levels of production and with guaranteed success.

By destroying the hardware in-house, companies will ensure data security while saving money and time. To learn more about how our products can help your organization develop an in-house data destruction process, please contact us today.

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