Don’t Risk a Costly Data Breach—Destroy Old Digital Media

Does Your Company Have a Plan to Properly Dispose of Digital Media?

Has your company instituted a plan on how to properly dispose of old digital media and devices, such as hard drives, solid state drives, magnetic tapes, optical discs, USB flash drives, floppy disks, and cell phones? If not, your company’s reputation and sensitive data are at risk.

Are You Storing Piles of Old Digital Media Around Your Building?

You may have piles of old hard drives lying around in a closet somewhere or containers full of optical media and USB flash drives left behind by former employees. By not properly disposing of these kinds of digital media, your company may experience an embarrassing and costly data breach in the near future. Protect your company’s reputation by investing in the right tools to properly dispose of old media that has accumulated over the years.

Protect Your Company’s Data Using Products from Phiston Technologies

Phiston Technologies is proud to offer a variety of products that will allow you to safely and securely destroy old digital media in-house. Our products pulverize old media, making it nearly impossible to recover data from them. Phiston Technologies offers many devices that are tailored to destroy specific types of media, such as the MediaDice® Optical Media Destroyer, the MediaVise® HDD Destroyer, and the MediaVise® SSD Destroyer. All our products are built to meet industry standards and ensure the safety of those using them during media destruction and disposal (

Don’t Risk a Costly Data Breach

Protecting your company’s sensitive e-mails, documents, and customer’s personal information should be a top priority. Just one data breach could significantly damage your company’s reputation. Don’t allow your customers and business associates to lose confidence in you. Invest in the proper tools necessary to perform secure media destruction on-site and ensure that your company’s data remains confidential. Contact us today to find out which of our products are best suited for your media destruction needs.

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