Don’t be fooled by hard disk erasers

In the world of data security, there are many options for handling, and eventually, disposing properly of one’s sensitive information. At first glance, with so many options, making a decision may seem overwhelming, or inconsequential. After all, information deleted is as good as information destroyed, right?

Wrong. Many hard disk erasers claim to delete information from drives or devices to be retired, but ‘erase’ has many interpretations. It could refer to the simple deletion of the files. Perhaps it might extend to reformatting the drive, or writing over memory space. The highest quality devices will degauss a given drive, which essentially scrambles the memory on it, rendering it unusable.

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. Within most media storage devices are failsafes and alternate memory spaces which hold onto data even after reformatting and degaussing. While the average user may be unable to recover information from such locations, skilled individuals with the right tools may still manage to access the remnants of a degaussed drive, which means that secured data is not so secure after all.

The best way to be sure data does not fall into the wrong hands is to destroy the source material; if a drive is physically, broken, there’s virtually no chance that any data that might remain could be accessed by even the most vigilant  of would-be thieves. When it comes to drive destruction, Phiston Technologies is well equipped for the task, producing high quality, effective equipment that exceeds EPA standards. Contact us to see our entire lineup of drive destruction products.

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