Does Erasing Your Hard Disk Keep the Data Safe?

Do you trust software wiping to keep your data out of the wrong hands? If you are only using software to erase or wipe your hard disks and storage media, the data may still be recovered with the right tools and experience. Phiston Technologies’ data destruction solutions offer physical destruction of storage media that meets National Security Agency (NSA) standards for making data unreadable. 

Is Erasing Your Hard Disk Secure?

There are various software applications for erasing and wiping media and disks, but data thieves with sophisticated tools can still recover the data. To ensure that the data never gets into the wrong hands, the physical destruction of the hard disk or media is the best option. Your hard disks and storage media hold private and confidential information that data thieves target. Avoid a data breach by using a solution from Phiston Technologies when you dispose of hard disks or storage media. Our products ensure physical destruction that will make the data unrecoverable and unreadable.

Destroying Your Hard Disk With MediaVise

The MediaVise from Phiston Technologies is a desktop hard drive disk destroyer. The system applies over 40,000 pounds of pressure to hard disks, making them unreadable without wiping them. MediaVise can quickly secure your data by making it inaccessible to data thieves with even the most sophisticated software. When you dispose of your hard drives, do not take any chances with software erasers that promise to make the data unrecoverable.

  • Makes data unreadable by NSA standards
  • Crushes disk in 30 seconds with no need to clean-up after the cycle
  • Accepts 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard disks
  • Can also crush cell phones, memory chips, and circuit boards
  • 100,000 cycles without maintenance and no blades to sharpen
  • Collects 20 to 50 drives in an enclosed bin

If you are looking to securely destroy your old hard disks and storage media, Phiston Technologies can help. Contact us to find out the best destruction option for your organization’s data.

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