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With all businesses, the need to discard your older infrastructure becomes a part of business. How you destroy your media will determine your cyber security. More importantly, do you have a plan in place to retire your old IT assets? If not, you run the risk of a cyber attack and it could cost your business downtime, huge financial stakes, public scrutiny, and civil penalties. Learn how to properly destroy your media with the help of Phiston Technologies, innovation solution experts. 

How Media Destruction Works? 

When your data is not disposed of properly, it poses a threat, but here is what your business needs to know: 

Hard drives that won’t be reused should be physically destroyed. In some cases, data erasure and secure deletion may not be enough. At Phiston Technologies, we specialize in state-of-the-art data destruction technology. With hassle-free data destruction with the MediaVise technology, your media is crushed with over 40,000 pounds of force. You can rest assured that your outdated media is rendered unrecoverable. The entire process is completely “hands-off.” Your data is left mangled into debris and collected into a bin for your convenience. Your media is fed into the MediaVise to ensure the process is also easy on the client. 

Why Is Media Destruction Important?

Today, according to Small Business Trendz, “43 percent of all small businesses are under the threat of a cyber attack.” In fact, the same article goes on to say: “60 percent of those small businesses were forced to shut down after a cyber attack.” A data thief can cripple your business without warning. Simply put, a security breach can have devastating consequences. Can your business afford damage to its credibility, loss of customers, revenue loss, or bad media coverage? The answer is, no! Which makes media destruction a very important part of your cyber hygiene. 

At Phiston Technologies, we understand the importance of professional media destruction. You’re invited to contact us to discuss your cyber security needs today!

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