Discover a new solution for data security

Discover a new solution for data security

Data security remains a problem for business, and there are plenty of old ways for dealing with it. Of course, those ways may not work so well, for if they did, wouldn’t the problem be solved? Instead, here are some simple solutions for that problem.


Businesses both large and small could have avoided these issues had they acknowledged the sophisticated nature of today’s cyber criminals. Instead, many companies neglect to do as little as make adequate passwords. The most popular are “123456” and “password.” Needless to say, these simple-minded “security” codes don’t make the grade.

Due diligence

Business has neglected to make data security a priority and they have paid for it. Cyber theft is an urgent and growing problem. Managers must remain vigilant about cyber theft 24/7 because that’s how the criminals operate. CEOs must know that their jobs may depend on it.


An efficient way of addressing data security is by partnering with us. We can destroy any electronic media containing your sensitive information. Our High-security Data Destruction machines can ensure that you conform to the complex web of laws and regulations including: the Federal Information Security Act of 2002, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and the Federal Acquisition Regulation, among others.

If you would prefer an on-site solution, the products we have available can do the job. Our MediaVise exerts 40,000 pounds of pressure and can render a hard drive unreadable (as to National Security Agency specifications) in 30 seconds. The MediaDice destroys media such as Blu-ray discs and anything with a magnetic stripe. It’s the only way to truly ascertain that your private information will stay that way.

In 2011, there were 1.34 million complaints lodged with the Federal Trade Commission concerning data security breaches. Take action before your firm joins the companies with this problem.

You may contact us when you are ready to protect your business.

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