Destroy your hard drive without leaving the office.

Information is a vital resource, it’s the currency in which businesses run. In today’s environment information is stored on computers and if you’re a company than that means all of your material is sitting in one place, the computer’s hard disk drive. This information can be anything from personnel files to the company’s account information and it is vital that this material stays private. While the computer is in use the data can be kept safe with firewalls and security codes; however, when it comes time to change out the machine how can you ensure that the material stored on the hard drive will not be decrypted?

Phiston technologies has the solution for you. Phiston has created a hard disk drive (HDD) destroyer that can save you time and money because it will be located in your office.  MediaVise® Rackmount HDD Destroyer is just that, a HDD destroyer that is rack-mountable, so that it can be placed in your server room or data center and is available to ensure that your sensitive information never leaves your building. This device is the first and only of its kind and is compatible with standard racks, using only 9 rack units. The MVR utilizes a 20 ton crusher, alongside corrugated crushing plates, that grind as well as crush to ensure that every inch of the HDD is destroyed and all the data stored is unrecoverable. To further safeguard the information the MVR has a debris collection drawer that can hold up to 25 crushed HDDs. This drawer is only accessible with a security pass-code, this guarantees that the devices destroyed by the MVR are disposed of properly and by authorized personnel only.

With the integration of smartphones and tablets into our everyday lives, it is hard to believe that information about work is not being stored on cell phones and other media devices. For this reason the MVR is capable of destroying cell phones and SSD cards along with multiple other media devices.

Phiston technologies is on the front lines when it comes the security of business information. For more information about the MVR and the other media destroying devices that we make please, contact us.

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