Deleting is Not Sufficient

As computers become more user-friendly and integrated into the business community, the prospect of data theft becomes more tasty-looking to criminals — those looking to exploit private data and files stored on computers — especially those used in businesses. Private data stored on computers is valuable. A plethora of articles exists on the internet reporting various data breaches over the years where computer hackers have stolen information from various types of businesses. It’s common that criminals attempt to steal data through hacking computer networks and computer servers, but there’s another inherent danger in computer usage — that is, the prospect of criminals obtaining physical access to computer data — not through a network or over the internet. Physical access can be achieved when businesses discard computer data storage devices before making sufficient efforts to delete or destroy the data stored therein. Those who are not on the savvy side in dealing with computers typically believe clicking the “delete” button on a file will permanently delete it, rendering future access to it impossible. But that is untrue — it’s possible to recover files that have been “deleted” which is why a thorough approach to data destruction is necessitated if privacy is a concern.

The most efficient and time-friendly way of rendering data unreadable is by using storage-device destruction methods. Ensuring data removal from devices traditionally meant taking tedious steps in destroying the physical media on which the data resides. Depending on one’s familiarity with computers, sometimes that meant spending hours making sure the data was destroyed. With advances in technology, however, affordable and time-saving ways of achieving data destruction are now attainable by businesses. Depending on the specific type of data storage device being used in the business, there is an array of cost-effective and practical products available through our company. 

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