Data Security Tips: Mobile Payments

In today’s age especially, security is very important. There are hackers both in and outside the workplace, and your data could easily be compromised if you’re not careful. With that said, the problem is that so many businesses put such a focus on their network security, that they become careless in other aspects. For example, what about making business payments via a credit card? With that said, here is some helpful mobile security advice.

First of all, never share your credit card info with anyone. Whether it’s in or outside the workplace, only share your info when making online payments. Even then, you still need to be careful. Often when you’re on these pages, you’ll be asked if you want to the website to remember your data. You should always answer with no, as a contingency plan of sorts. If you want to go the extra mile, you should also invest in a virtual card number. Basically, it allows you to pay for purchases with your Card Account, without sharing your normal card number. If you’re not familiar with the company you’re paying or the vendor you’re purchasing from, this is a great option to ensure nothing gets compromised.

For more information about being secure when making mobile payments in the workplace, as well as other useful data security tips, feel free to contact us today at Phiston Technologies. We look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you in the best way possible. Whether it’s about mobile payment security, or crushing hard drives.

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